Reading Craft 3

Finding a Topic (3.1.1-2)

You are looking for something that interests both you AND others: follow your nose, but prepare to answer the question “who cares”

  • Create a mind map of your thesis interests
  • List a dozen sources and describe the zig-zag that has helped you narrow your interest from something general to something more ≥ limited and particular

Transforming a topic to a question (3.3)

Questions you ask

  • Larger development
  • Internal history
  • Context of a larger structure
  • Fit together as a system
  • How categorized (kind)
  • Comparison to other things like it
  • Positive into negative questions
  • Asking “what if?”

Questions your sources ask

  • Extend their reach
  • Suggest new evidence
  • Asking analogous questions
  • Find disagreement

So What? (3.4)

  • Complete the sentences: “I am studying … because I want to find out …”

Why did you ask your first question (3.4.3)

  • in order to help my reader understand …