• About.Me to create a visually compelling splash page
  • ARIS Express to build business process models (BPM links)
  • Bubble.US when want to make your mind map pretty and share
  • Collins Cobuild to find out how current English is used, Linguee to see comparative examples in English and German, and WordSpy for very new, special words (forget Leo)
  • Diigo to collect, tag, annotate, and share your bookmarks
  • Evernote or Zotero to save and organize notes and clippings along the way
  • Google Draw or yED to create great diagrams
  • Hackpad wiki to storm online together
  • Jing to create, annotate, save, and share images
  • Picasa Web Albums to organize, edit, and share photos
  • Wunderlist or Trello to create simple to do lists