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The Expos Curriculum

Expos teaches students how to

  • Pose an analytical question or problem that will make a paper’s argument necessary
  • Craft a thesis that is arguable, not self-evident or descriptive
  • Substantiate the thesis with thoughtfully analyzed evidence
  • Anticipate and respond to objections to an argument
  • Structure an argument logically
  • Develop coherent paragraphs
  • Summarize and paraphrase a source accurately
  • Locate and evaluate sources in the physical and online collections of Harvard’s libraries
  • Create an annotated bibliography in order to help students understand the roles that their sources will play in their papers
  • Use primary and secondary sources responsibly, including how to avoid plagiarizing
  • Craft clear and concise prose
  • Look for opportunities to transfer what they have learned about academic writing in Expos to writing assignments in other courses
  • Be alert to the fact that different disciplines may have different styles of argument, standards of evidence, modes of analysis, citation conventions, and prose styles.