Installing MAMP and WordPress

Installing Mamp

  • Download and install MAMP
  • On the MAMP interface, Start the servers
  • On the MAMP interface, Open WebStart page
  • Open My Website and save the URL to your notepad: http://localhost:8888. Here’s where your server will look for your WordPress files
  • On your WebStart page, open phpMyAdmin and create a database called “wp1”

Installing WordPress

  • Get WordPress files by visiting their Download page and scrolling down to “Get WordPress”: click it
  • Copy the downloaded WordPress folder to MAMP/htdocs, rename the folder to “wp1”
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8888/wp1/
  • Run the WordPress install routine and when they ask you to give a login, type “root” as both login and password. When they ask where to find a database, type in the name of your newly created database, “wp1”
  • If WordPress has what it needs to start the setup and click continue, the setup routine will create tables and make available al it needs to serve you a website, support your customizing it, storing any data such as blog posts and pages, and return them for visitors

Learn how to administer WordPress

By learning how the WordPress is designed and administered you will learn the fundamental elements of database-driven websites and be better prepared to understand more complicated systems like SAP

  • Visit the WordPress Codex Support page, navigate to the “Wordpress for Beginners” section, and study in detail at least the first seven pages

Document your learning for you!

Create a set of notes that you will appreciate having a year from now, when you’ve forgotten all this and find yourself building a website for others: notes which will help you know what to do and why, including basic concepts, a list of support pages with links and brief annotations of what is to be found there, the order that you should do things, and details of configuration