First Structure, Then Style

Whitespace explains how graphic designers am to integrate formal elements across an entire page to the end of coherence and expression (more basic advice).

Visit CSS Zen Gardens to see how HTML is used to organize structure and CSS is applied for style (code).


H1 = Chapters, Assignment Dates

H2 = Sub-Heads

H3 = Sub-Sub-Heads

H4 = Body Text

H5 = Quotations

H6 = Citations

H7 = Extra

H8 = Extra


H1 = 14pt, Light

H2 = 12pt, Bold

H3 = 12pt, Italic

H4 = 11pt, Normal

H5 = 10pt, Normal

H6 = 10pt, Normal

H7 = 10pt, Normal

H8 = 10pt, Normal

Space Before

H1 = +6

H2 = +6

H3-H8 = +3


  • To revise styles, search “MS office support YourVersion word modify style”
  • To revise templates, search “ms office support YourVersion create a new template”