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  • Context and Use


Leo and other online dictionaries are great for crossword puzzles, but they are much too simple for understanding the meaning of a term in any different context or for different purposes.

  • Oxford DT — Examine how a term will likely have different meanings based on context
  • Collins Reverso — Look for how terms are explained as actions leading to consequences
  • Economist Economist A-Z — Here discover how the term is used differently (and rather precisely) by bankers and lawyers
  • Business Dictionary — Explore this encyclopedic approach to the term’s application in business
  • Wikipedia — Explore the meaning of your term in a business/professional context

Context and Use

  • Install the links above into your browser for easy access
  • Compare and contrast the definitions and draw up a preliminary map of the kinds of definitions you might find in each source
  • Test your mapping by looking up terms you find in a text from your chosen field
  • Develop a second map or framework for exploring a business term following the structure you will find here