For 7.11.17

For this homework, please copy the “Template for 7.11.17” file you will find in our Dropbox folder to your hard drive (don’t move it, then no one else will have it!) and rename as “Firstname, 7.11.17” and copy that filename into your Header

  • Communications
  • Outline McAfee
  • What text next?

To get started, select one or more of the activities you find here that you think might be rewarding for you to do, do what you can, write them up in a WORD file, and place a copy (filename “Firstname, 7.11.17) on Dropbox by Monday evening, 6.11.17); for more, you might review my advice on Portfolios.

  • Relevance Expressing your preferences is a good thing, so we can do more of what delivers value to you: I have a general framework, but together we will customize it; for more, you might review my advice on Courage
  • Team Work When you share with others, like with writing you have an opportunity to win valuable feedback, check your understanding, clarify your thought, and remember. For more, you might review my advice on Team Work


To get started, write up your notes on what we did at the beginning of class, keep it simple, learn how to write up fragments, little pieces of the bigger puzzle: all answers will be good answers: you are learning here how to do little exercises and document them.

  • Preparing, rehearsing. Create an inventory of what you hope to learn in this class (helpful to prepare for a conversation
  • Templating. “Like my partner, I hope to learn …, but unlike my partner I also want to learn …” (helpful to establish something in common before you deal with differences)
  • Talk/Write.Before writing, talk it over with someone to “beta test” your ideas and to insure your writing is for use
  • Audience. Identify a conversation of when you drew something out of somebody and another of when you stopped them dead
  • Why Write? To clarify our thought, to remember, and to understand
  • Reporting. “He said, that he ..”, “She claimed, that she …

Outline an article, McAfee

To get started, outline briefly and roughly the McAfee article you will find in the McAfee folder in our Dropbox along with my highlighting and outlining examples.

Deliverables in MS Word

The best way to show you how to use the Outline View and other relevant features of MS Word is for you to add an initial outline of an article to your portfolio for 7.11.17 that we can work with in class; as long as you have a list of things in some form, we can work with it; if you are able to learn the outlining functions on my Outlining page, that would be great, but if not I will review them with you in class on 7.11.

Reading McAfee

When we read for the special academic purposes here, we read strategically, as follows:

  • Skim for overall shape
  • Scan for the major sections
  • Read intensively those parts of the argument which address the questions of the day

Our first questions of the McAfee article

  • How is the article structured: list the major parts of the prevention
  • What is the conceptual issue?
  • What makes this research?

WHAT text would you like to research next?

Your motivation is absolutely essential, so we need to figure out what we might read in this class to guarantee your learning so much that you will really learn a lot and want to be here. Please consider the following options and write up briefly your responses so you are prepared for class

  1. Everyone reads the same text, like the McAfee article
  2. You identify a term paper for another class that you’d like to prepare in the context of this one
  3. You would prefer “pair work,” you’ll gladly sit next to someone and follow what they do and write up a protocol of what you see, think, feel, and maybe do some of the general class exercises