For 5.12.17

For next week, write a page on your topic and where you might explore one or another element of writing as we discussed today and listed below: the main thing is to write and have Courage!

Discussion next week

Next week I will print out and distribute your homework so you can work in small groups and respond to each other’s work as we did this week: where you do not tell your partner what to do, but instead respond in a helpful, stimulating way as if you were to do something like it next! That way, your partner might respond in his or her own way.

What is a workshop?

  • Where you leave the class all fired and ready to do something interesting in the direction of your goal
  • What kind of advice (from all of us) might help you achieve this goal? What sort of conversation would you like to enjoy?
  • What is advice? Stronger than a suggestion, but weaker than a command (that leaves you fired up!)
  • With writing, we want more pleasure and less pain!


  • We often get excited when our project leads to lots of great conversations with friends, lots of advice, offers of assistance … so we get excited about it …
  • Somehow we will get from a trip to the Netherlands to a wonderful, fulfilling career in consulting, brokering, or who knows what …
  • Advice … “if it were me, I’d look for startups nestled in there among the dope-smoking tourist cafes … that way you could have your cake and eat it, too”
  • Dualistic Strategy: look for both cafes and startups
  • Cloke: go with a plan, abandon the plan (courage)
  • Find footsteps to follow …
  • For example, Goethe’s Italian Journey, which you then apply to your business problem? Or Chatwin’s Patagonia
  • And for rooms, the perfect cafe: Hemingway’s A Clean, Well-Lighted Place


  • Lots of questions, then (partial) answers
  • Quote treated as a riddle: you then interpret …. Quotes are facts, someone said this (they are unique, in a time and a place … who are these people, how and why do they think like this?