For 21.11.17

For next week your mission is to write at least one page, in good English or bad English — that you write something, anything at all, don’t worry about being perfect — is the thing: we can then better identify what you might do next!

Working in pairs or small groups

For this and the following, work in pairs and where you discuss your work and even write up what happened, how your topic changed, what you found out about your topic … just tell a story like a journal if you feel most comfortable with that (you gotta start somewhere). If you want to write more formally or work on your outlining, that would be fine with me, too. And you might recall that we discussed your finding topics of mutual interest as two heads are better than one and a whole lot more fun!

Your topic

Best is when you research a topic of strong personal interest and at the high level of a survey of an issue as you find it by searching “current issues your topic pwc/ey/deloitte/kpmg/hbr 2017): once you’ve identified your interest we can drill down.

Outlining is good

But if you are having trouble with that just bring your laptop and I’ll offer advice

Action Verbs and Reporting Verbs

Next on our agenda will be the use of Action Verbs and Reporting Verbs, the handouts are already on our Dropbox: use them wherever you can and you will become a smarter, happier person I guarantee!!