For 16.1.18

Based on Yuyan’s paper and your questions, we explored a number of topics to support your writing, so the assignment (if you need one) is to explore zero, one, or any number of the things we talked about today

  • One page on Dropbox before class would be great!
  • Put only a copy of your paper on Dropbox in the event these copies disappear


  • Write quickly, then break your argument up in pieces and explore one or more of them
  • Explore warrants like we did following the Toulmin logic

Keep asking questions

  • Break it up in to pieces
  • Check to make sure your claims are support
  • Check for counter-claims
  • Make sure your logic is ok
  • She will get a sunburn … why?
  • Because she has red skin … why?
  • Red-skinned people burn more easily … why?
  • Because they have less melanin … why?
  • Melanin protects against the sun … why?
  • Probably a survival strategy from evolution … why?
  • Because, obviously, survivors survive (and the weak ones don’t get to reproduce)
  • Why so many questions?
  • Can this lead you from the main question?.
  • If the logic is good, it supports your main question
  • If the questions are interesting, it can be fun
  • If the questions and answers are interesting, we are probably learning something?
  • If someone asks me a question, I might be better prepared
  • What’s so cool about questions?
  • I learn stuff, and feel better for it?
  • I am curious, I like being curious: why?
  • Shows the teacher that you are a good student
  • NOT being curious is DUMB!
  • Being curious is fun! You learn all this stuff, you hang out with interesting people..


Get advice from different people (buy them a cup of coffee), take notes as you go

  • Nodding yes = I am ok
  • Nodding no = ask questions, clarify thought, make it better
  • Testing: test is ok!.
  • Repeat until you are sure it is good!


Keep asking questions, and then: keep asking questions!

  • Notebooks are the way to go!
  • Keep track of the interesting things people have to say
  • Include images of things you take along the way
  • Keep track of things you see, like signs, streets, buildings, advertisements …
  • Note the weather and your feelings
  • Keep asking questions, and then: keep asking questions!