For 14.11.17

Set up a Daily Backup routine

This is going to save your life.

Revise your outline of McAfee

  • For starters, create/edit a list of what’s there before you do anything else; this could be a brief summary of every paragraph or section, but don’t spend forever doing this: aim for understanding the principle: first, an overview of what is there
  • Second, learn how to read for special purposes, how to scan for specific information: this week, look next for the “big question”, meaning the business question
  • Bonus exercise to discuss in class: identify the basics of academic writing/research: what is the research question, the argument, the evidence, the acknowledgements
  • Bonus exercise to discuss in class: identify some key terms and look them up following my Definitions advice


You will need to master Outlining to be able to complete the assignments in this class, so:

  • This will take a few weeks, so make a checklist of my Outlining advise and learn a couple of things this week
  • Outlining is essential to building documents, so for your long-term academic and professional life, now would be a good time to learn this
  • If you have questions, bring them to class
  • In any event, bring your laptops as I will set aside 15 minutes for hands-on exercises/learning in class

What is revision, and why?

  • Complements daytime, Stars! Pleasure!
  • Flow, when all the parts fit together and it just goes wonderfully
  • We learn multiple ways of viewing things so we can pick or choose them as


We discussed how there are many different ways of understanding and how we will survey different kinds of advice; this week, we are considering two powerful sources on the topic of storytelling