For 17.4.17

  • Outlining
  • Duarte
  • Craft 1
  • McAfee


Learn how to use the Outline feature of MS Word as we discussed in class and by following the advice on my Outlining Checklist

  • Write one paragraph discussing what you’ve learned


Revise your draft by exploiting the Outline view: learn how to use outlining to better analyze, structure, and so make more understandable and memorable what the speaker is saying

  • If you wrote blocks of text, break that text up using the Outline view; if you wrote an outline, improve on it by …
  • Formulate better sub-heads
  • In your own words, summarize what the author is saying
  • When preparing a summary, use Report Structures
  • Write one paragraph discussing what you’ve learned

Craft, Chapter 1

  • Outline the chapter as if your life depended on it: learn what research is about, why it is important, and observe a number of the things the writers have to say along the way
  • Wrap your head around research: following their examples of research thinking, write up a short paragraph or two of when you have done some research


Begin to outline McAfee’s text as a series of sub-heads/sections and addressing the question of what steps does this business professional recommend we use when we argue