Using Dropbox

  • When you install Dropbox Desktop on your PC, you are setting up a shared file system that may look like it is your own folder, but it is not: it is shared, so anything you do to it will be done for all: if you move or delete a file, it will disappear for everyone else, too.
  • So, always copy files to your hard drive: DO NOT DRAG files from Dropbox, because then nobody else will find the file you’ve moved
  • Always paste a copy of your homework, keeping the original in your own hard drive’s BizApps folder
  • And you are making daily backups, aren’t you? If you don’t, the chances are good (every semester this happens) that you’ll be the one whose hard drive classes, who shows up to class feeling bad because I’ve warned you a zillion times, and who will start off confessing your sins, and so winning our sympathy, of course, instead of starting off gaining valuable feedback on the lesson
  • If you copy your homework by midnight on Tuesday, that will give us all a chance to see what each other is doing on Wednesdays and so arrive in class better prepared
  • If you finish your homework before Tuesday, that’s just great for you, because then you will be free to do other things and, not incidentally, demonstrate to yourself and others that you plan ahead, are a disciplined workers, and so are better prepared to make a lot of money being a top-level manager!