What can easily happen to you

  • Business Woman’s Laptop Stolen – Docu-drama, something we might easily imagine happening to us, too.
  • Hard Disk Sound – What is causing the sounds you hear with a hard drive is starting up, reading and writing files, and powering down
  • The “BEEP BEEP BEEP OF DEATH” – Apparently, each kind of hard drive has its own death wish and song, and when they crash, they crash by the dozens.
  • Did you back up your data? “Umm I don’t do that” – Carrie from “Sex and the City” loses her data, including such memorable lines as “Just hang in there, sugar”, and “Are you a PC user? You’re not compatible, ” and, “there was a mean little man who popped up, and he had x’s where his eyes should be.”

And if you don’t believe in drama, listen to the experts

  • Hard Drive Recovery – A fine (and humorous) news report about a data recovery problem, explaining how hard drives work, how they die, interviews with people who have lost everything as well as a drive recovery service that, for the price of a few months rent, might be able to save some of it for you some of the time. Includes a tour of “data surgeons” as well as their “Dead Hard Drive Museum”.
  • Join World Backup Day, on 31 March

Repent, Repent!

Dropbox For and Against


Quality external hard drives include encryption software, but for that memory stick about to fall off of your keychain, you might consider installing TrueCrypt.