Weekly writing assignments will help you learn how to learn

  • Weekly writing gives you a chance to check your understanding, clarify your thought, to explore with others, and so a better chance to remember (see Craft, Chapter 1)
  • Where final exams and seminar papers end in a grade, weekly portfolios offer you a chance for direct, immediate feedback and in the next week a chance to improve
  • Building on small, bite-sized exercises pieces, you have a chance to explore how differently your topic might be understood and how differently you might go about thinking about it
  • Different topics and tasks will help you develop a variety of observation, note-taking, drafting, revising, and communication skills
  • Building your portfolio in MS Word on a weekly basis, including the integration of images, citations, and notes from a variety of sources, will help you master MS Word and a variety of documentation problems: “having prepared a sixty-page portfolio, I now know what to do with a 20 page term paper and it is no longer a big deal”

Standards, Procedures

  • Use "13.10.24, FirstName“ for filenames
  • Use “13.10.24, FirstName — PageNumber” for headers
  • Backup your PC daily (and in two places)
  • Use the template I share to insure consistent styles from the start (you can change them later)
  • For more, see my Outlining pages