Weekly writing assignments will help you develop a disciplined, integrated approach to your studies. These lessons will leave you by the end of the semester with a portfolio of some 50-80 pages and in possession of the concepts, skills and confidence you will need for your standard 20 page term papers and the BA Thesis

  • They Support Learning By Doing Traditional exams and grades come at the end of the course, when there is little you can do to learn from them, but writing and getting feedback each week gives you a chance to try, try again, make progress, and see your good results!
  • They are Human Scale Portfolios are aimed towards the course goals, step by step, and we start from where you happen to be: by design, portfolios are human scale, accessible, and immediately relevant
  • They Support Teams Since we share our weekly portolios on Dropbox and discuss them in class, you get a chance to present your work to others, receive feedback, and see how differently others are working, and so help you find support, gain perspective, and develop insight, mastery, and confidence!
  • And they support writing As we read in the first two chapters of The Craft of Research, we write to understand, to test our thinking, to explore, and to remember, and so they are a powerful way to help you engage and master the course materials

Portfolio Evaluation

By the end of the course I’ve updated my syllabus and produced a checklist, which I then use to evaluate your weekly assignments overall, and for a more detailed analysis of your writing I prepare a rubric, where for each aspect I specify what one has to do to achieve what grade.

As Deliverables

  • Backups As always, everywhere, save your original copy on your hard drive, keep daily backups: my ears are deaf to claims of data loss
  • Homework on Dropbox Each week, save a copy of your week’s work in MS Word on the assigned class Dropbox folder for that week
  • Filenames Use the following naming convention (so they sort nicely) "13.10.24, FirstName“
  • Headers At the top of each page of each homework, flush right, add a header with the following: "13.10.24, FirstName— PageNumber”

Final Portfolio

The day before your last class, please upload your final portfolio, including all of your homeworks, in MS Word .doc format, to the designated folder on Dropbox. I will print it out, bring it to class along with a punch and binder for your to collate and bind with the “Deckplatt zur Hausarbeit Bachelor”, and then you are done!

  • Add each week’s homework to your final portfolio
  • Table of Contents to include date and sub-heads (especially those of the homework assignment, whether you have done them or not)
  • File name format: “13.10.24, FirstName Lastname, Final Portfolio”
  • Due date: noon the day before our last meeting: I print them out and bring to class, where you will collate, punch, and bind with materials I will provide
  • Include “Deckblatt zur Hausarbeit Bachelor”