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Why Portfolios?

  • Thinking. Writing weekly gives you a chance to check your understanding, clarify your thought, explore with others, and remember
  • Improvement. Writing weekly gives you a chance for direct, immediate feedback and in the next week to do something about it
  • Curiosity. Writing many small things weekly gives you a chance to explore the many different kinds of writing activities, including varieties of observation, note-taking, drafting, revising, illustrating, planning, etc., etc., etc.
  • Communications. Writing weekly gives you a chance to tell more than one kind of story, a better story, and so improve, because if you write a thing only once you likely write the same thing everywhere (Barthes)
  • Transformative Learning. Weekly assignments featuring a variety of small, bite-sized activities help develop important project, resource and time management skills and will transform your understanding of research from last-minute pain to on-going interest, purpose, and fun!