Weekly writing assignments will help you learn how to learn in my courses and far beyond.

  • Where final exams end in a grade, the weekly writing and feedback in this class offers you a chance to improve and see your way to mastery
  • You will learn to view writing as thinking in slow-motion, giving you a chance to explore how differently your topic might be understood and how differently you might go about thinking about it
  • You will learn how to use writing within a discipline to check your understanding, clarify your thought, and to explore topics of interest to you and others
  • As you learn how to read in order to write and write in order to read, you will find methods and community you can learn from and join — and one after another of your fears will fall by the wayside.
  • You will learn how differently writing is done, how genres govern expectations and the organization of meaning, and so to consider what is expected of you in different contexts
  • With our strong emphasis on report structures and the literature review, you will learn how to look for and embrace conflict and differences of opinion, to navigate them safely, set them into perspective, and and better anticipate your readers, including their support and objections
  • Weekly writing assignments will force the issues of your discipline and workflows, and the many tools and methods we will explore will help you improve on both
  • Mastery of the outlining, document, and shortcut features of MS Word, and systematic mastery of your PC, will insure that your final papers will rest on well-managed complexity and look great

As Deliverables

  • Homework on Dropbox Each week, save a copy of your week’s work in MS Word on the assigned class Dropbox folder for that week
  • Filenames Use the following naming convention (so they sort nicely) "13.10.24, FirstName“
  • Headers At the top of each page of each homework, flush right, add a header with the following: "13.10.24, FirstName — PageNumber”


Every semester someone I know loses their data, because they are among the 80% who do not back up daily: let this not be you.

Final Portfolio

  • From the first week, start with the template I give you, which you are free to modify
  • Assignment Date as Heading 1, so that your final portfolio Table of Contents is ordered first by chronology, from first week to last
  • Header and file name format: “13.10.17, FirstName Lastname, Final Portfolio”
  • Due at noon the day before our last meeting, so I can print them out and bring to class (and where you will collate, punch, and bind them along with a cover sheet: “Deckblatt zur Hausarbeit Bachelor”