Portfolios and Dropbox

Final Portfolio Submission in MS Word

  • Please submit your final portfolio in MS Word (and NOT as a .pdf)
  • On Dropbox by noontime on the day before our last class

Assembling your final portfolio

  1. In each homework, set that week’s date in Heading 1 and the sub-heads, identical to the weekly homework sub-heads, in Heading 2, so that your Table of Contents will be consistent
  2. Create a new file and “save as” “FirstName LastName, Final Portfolio, date”
  3. Copy each week’s work, in order, and paste into the new file
  4. Be sure that the assignment date is in Heading 1 and that the assigned topics for that week are in Heading 2
  5. Repeat this for each week until you are done
  6. To insure consistent styles, replace the styles by importing a known good style set importing styles from one document to another document in Word
  7. Insert a Table of Contents (TOC) at the top of your portfolio by following The Wicked Easy Way to Create a Table of Contents in Word and where you select the show levels drop down menu to show only Heading 1 and Heading 2 so that the TOC arranges your assignments in chronological order and lists the assigned topics for that week


  • On Dropbox, we share our work, but the thing you’ve got to watch out for is that when you install Dropbox Desktop on your PC, you are setting up a shared file system that may look like it is your own folder, but it is not: it is shared, so anything you do to it will be done for all: if you move or delete a file, it will disappear for everyone else, too.
  • For your security, be sure to copy files to your hard drive and do not drag them: if you drag files into or out of Dropbox you risk losing your originals: keep your originals and their copy in Dropbox separate
  • Daily Backups. If you do not make daily backups onto an external hard drive, you risk losing your originals: establish a daily backup routine