For 5.1.18

Following the advice below, study the advice and practice using your own sentences as well as those of others: learn how to follow practical advice. It would be just great if you shared some of your notes on our Dropbox by 4.1.18 so we can discuss things in class

Explore different ways of stating the main argument

Write sentences comparing and contrasting the positions of Sull and McAfee and where you try out the following and then consider how differently they work

Explore the simplest, direct ways of expressing the argument

Where Sull claims …

  • the significance of information technology in general and the quantity of data.

Where McAfee argues …

  • the importance of the light use of data and human business skills in a company,

Learn how to revise your sentences by editing adjectives and superfluous expressions

Edit the following sentence by removing all but the essentials

  • McAfee and Sull consider different fundamental issues in respect to the increasing turbulent business environment, so that there is a comparison between Sull’s position of strong data use and McAfee’s  attention to light data use.
  • Study Revising Efficiently and Effectively and edit the sentence above and your sentences, and note what you did: learn the method

Looking ahead to argument

Study and wrap your head around the advice you will find in