For 22.12.17


1. Prepare a comparison featuring a four part logic: “they say / I say”

  • Follow the example: they say / I say (for more discussion of this rhetoric, briefly review the book)
  • Introduce the argument, conflict, battle lines
  • Introduce the actors, so we see and hear who is speaking
  • Report on what they are saying
  • Analyze or evaluate from your point of view: I say … here is what I think …

This first part is about the fundamental logic informing this argument, so write up in “bad English” what is going on

Write it up with the real world dimension Dominik offered when he told the story about the argument among his buddies in the fitness studio

2. In a second paragraph under the first, dress it up and make it pretty

  • Use any number of expressions to develop accuracy and fluency
  • Use report structures and reporting verbs (dropbox)
  • Use active verbs (dropbox)
  • Go back to the text and quote carefully

Notes from Class

What is this article about?


  • Carolin: Tracking fashion globally
  • Nils: He is illustrating one of the main concepts of Zara by citing his friend Sull regarding “fast fashion”
  • Franzi: “fast fashion” = tracking fashion globally, spotting trends, creating new products 

Possible Answers

  • Muharrem: This article is about … making use of the concept of fast fashion
  • Carolyn: About … managing fast fashion
  • Shawn: Illustrates theories and facts about how companies succeed by less IT and data amount
  • Dominik: About why heavy data usage is not the way to go when it comes to market analysis and interpretation
  • Nils: Tracking fashion trends, depending on them, optimizing in your own environment
  • Franzi: About the methods companies should use for tracking popular trends and bringing them into their stores

Two conceptual levels

  • Higher level generalization: Market analysis and interpretation
  • Specific, detailed methodology: Tracking popular trends
  • What is this article’s argument


  • Carolin: Battle Lines: Whole story goes back and forth: Setting up the comparison of different techniques
  • Franzi: “Zara does sth. totally different” vs. “similar techniques” 2 paragraphs ago … comparing different techniques
  • Muharrem, Nils: “But Zara, operating in an intensely turbulent environment, does something totally different.” – disagrees with Sull’s opinion
  • Define what the battle line (what is the CONTENT?
  • That there is a hard difference between two points of view
  • State the points of view, and who is making them: the two actors, people: imagine a conversation among people
  • Sull says … data is the answer …
  • McAfee says … forget data, managers should have face to face contact with customers