For 8.12.17

  • Structural Analysis of McAfee
  • Place this work in context

Structural Analysis of McAfee

As we did last week and in class, and using the table I’ve put on Dropbox, use the three columns to identify:

  • What do you learn about business?
  • Where do you find acknowledgements and warrants
  • Where do you find claims, evidence, and argument


  • Diagramming. Following the example in class, place textual references in those three columns from top to bottom so you may identify patterns
  • Reading closely As we discussed in class, read a number of the passages carefully, and in particular, quote phrases and then interpret them
  • Reporting Verbs Don’t say “what is,” but instead, report on what the author is saying using reporting verbs: use the list of reporting verbs
  • Active Verbs Emphasize ACTIVE verbs, such as “McAfee asserts …” and so respect his analytical approach

Place this work in context

  • Search for another article closer to your field using the search terms “limitations to data analytics” plus your field (to limit the search) and such limiters as “hbr” for your favorite business sources: Note especially “Competing on Analytics” from HBR
  • Read these other works and draw comparisons to the McAfee text so that in your exam you can show that McAfee is talking about something other relevant professionals are discussing in two ways: “piggy-backing,” that they support his argument, and “drawing battle lines”, to show how different (See “Eight Strategies for Using Sources”