For 2.5.17

Outline your article

We are regrouping around your topics, and your task is to brainstorm your topic and where you find your interest

  • What excites you, moves you, to invest time and energy in developing a research project?
  • Be prepared to change your topic as you go along, following your nose, brain, and heart as you survey your initial topics and look for your sparks of interest
  • Keep a notepad, or note app on your phone, close at hand and where you jot down ideas, references, examples, images … anything that comes to mind you write down to create a nice long list of interesting things
  • Don’t worry about how they all fit together, just keep track of your materials and your thoughts: you gotta be interested, or it won’t work!
  • As you take notes, and when the urge strikes, you might draft — DRAFT — a few sentences about your findings

Find your article

  • Formula: “current trends YourTopic 2016 xxx
  • xxx = pwc, Deloitte, economist, hbr, ey, kpmg, mckinsey, Wharton


  • sport, managing a club or a player (his uncle has an agency
  • changes in sports management, emerging trends, increasing roles and responsibilities of managers = normative conceptions of successful managers


  • AI electric cars, Tesla, for navigation (robots), summons to control: high tech pie-in-the-sky
  • emerging trends, factors, competitive advantage of self-driving cars … , Europe vs. China,


  • complicated stuff, transformation of x business by social media, women in business, empowerment of women through social media, fashion, future/forecasts ; role of social media in transformation (or not) of labor markets


  • Virtual reality, how people see/feel differently, US military,
  • Day of Glass 1
  • list a dozen interesting things you find for …
  • virtual reality merchandising, current trends 2016 virtual reality merchandising mckinsey ….


  • amazon, e-commerce, IT, software engineering,

How to read

  • skim; to get the overall shape, to figure out if something there interests you
  • scan: when you look for something specific: you have a question
  • intensively: when you have found your topic and want to know details
  • extensively: when you have found a lot and want to survey a topic

How to find your interest

  • Make notes in the margins (breadcrumbs):
  • List interesting stuff
  • When you dig in, start to outline


  • e-government, public space, connecting, how we can use open platforms, disaster warnings, “current trends 2016 e-government pwc”, “current trends 2016 e-government fraunhofer”


  • “integration real estate investment Germany/EU” “German real estate market 2016”


  • short-termism, stock market crashes, vs. socially responsible investing


  • transformative/disruptive car industry, trends

Next Steps

  • If you put your notes only by Sunday or even Monday night, I can print them out for us to discuss in class on Tuesday
  • If you like, you can review the handouts of today, including Chapter 2 of The Craft of Research and my Outlining Checklist