For 11.4.17


Practically speaking, here’s a checklist of the commands you’ll need to learn to use Outlines efficiently

  • Switch views: print, outline
  • Find and memorize the shortcuts for these views
  • Using symbols, create a Sticky or Note of these shortcuts (and all such things)
  • Ask a neighbor to test your use of shortcuts
  • Learn how to shift levels/headings (tab)
  • Learn how to Expand and Collapse levels (learn shortcuts)
  • Learn how to Move lines up and down
  • Learn how to select Display Levels

If you can’t figure this out on your own, I’ll show you, but the place to start is “MS Word YourVersion Support Outline”

Craft of Research

We will read one of these short chapters each weak to offer you a systematic overview of academic research

  • Read and outline briefly chapter 1, “Thinking in Print” (on Dropbox)

Your research

Follow the advice on the Syllabus for your first search for a survey of your topic among the big consulting firms and business journals

  • Find an article that interests you
  • Outline the sub-heads and one section of special interest: you are surveying, skimming and scanning the text, not yet telling a big story by reading intensively — though you are welcome to start doing so!
  • Try to figure out how to outline following such examples as this