For 2.5.17

Your mission is to find some completely interesting articles on your topic and draw up an initial outline of one or more of them. Here’s a list of things you might do: pick and choose what engages you (don’t do everything!)

  • Search offers detailed advice on the search terms we discussed in class
  • Talk, then write explains why you to do best to discuss your topic with a partner before writing, enjoy their feedback and support, and right afterwards write thing down as you spoke of them (and forgetting all the rules): capture that living, breathing conversation, grammar mistakes and all, to get the juices flowing and help you find your voice (editing comes much later)
  • Outlining Checklist offers you a detailed guide for improving your handling of the MS Word beast
  • Sample Evaluation Rubric we discussed in class, the first two rows apply to us: this is what I look for when grading
  • Connecting with your Reader is the second chapter of The Craft of Research and where you will find three different kinds of writing — chit-chat, reports, and research — and where you want to figure out what is special about that third, research kind