For 20.5.19

We are still brainstorming research questions, including,

  • Searching for questions that interest us
  • Exploring the kinds of questions researchers ask
  • Looking for the specific questions those researching our topic are asking

Survey the kinds of questions that researchers ask

Apply to your topic the kinds of questions you will find in

  • Craft, Chapter 3.3
  • Task Prompts from Steps to Better Thinking

Follow the excellent examples of

  • Marie and Giovanna
  • Kai and Aurelia

Learn how to distinguish between practical and conceptual problems

  • Study the difference between practical and conceptual problems you will find discussed in Craft 4.1.2 and 4.2.2
  • For each of the questions you have developed so far, write up what you think the relevant conceptual questions might be

Identify some of the expert questions

  • Using some of the terms or phrases you’ve developed thus far, search for some good sources and identify the specific questions they ask

Revise your overview

  • Based on your better understanding of research questions and those relevant to your topic, revise your mindmaps
  • Integrate practical and conceptual questions
  • Learn how to use Checkvist, an online mind-mapping tool


  • Headers: “firstname & firstname, 20.5.19 — page##”
  • Filenames: “firstname & firstname, 20.5.19”
  • NO BODY TEXT, use Headings 1-6 only
  • Use our syllabus template and for page numbers uncheck “different first page”