For 6.5.19

We are identifying our research question through the Literature Review and this week the following tasks:

  • The Literature Review
  • “From Topic to Questions” in Craft, Chapter 3
  • Learning the Outline View

Your mission is to do enough of each of these three tasks, and documenting your work as you go along, so that you can post your work in class, learn from each others example, and set yourselves up as a study group, a team.

  • Please submit your homework by Saturday evening, which means good planning on your side, and a chance to see what everyone has done the day before class, and a chance for me to print them all out before class

The Literature Review

We read differently in research, so if you have not done so already your first task this week is to outline Industry 4.0 as our “early adopters” have done so admirably (and which you’ll find on our Dropbox for 29.4.19, including:

  • Skim. Read a few pages of this PWC article on e-commerce to see that it is divided into sections, some with table, graphs, lists, etc., and others with explanations of different kinds.
  • Scan. Then re-read those very same pages, but this time look for pieces that you can begin to understand, that look like they might be of special interest, and which you might look at closely.
  • Outline (context). Before you dig into that one section, create an outline where you put that special section into a context, so you have a halfway decent idea of where it fits; for example, if you like the timeline of Industry 4.0, showing 1-4 and beyond 4, outline briefly the pages before and after to see how the timeline fits in a framework of different ways of explaining the problem
  • Outline (one section). Then outline your chosen section, like that timeline, where you create a sub-head for each piece, then write in your own words a brief summary of that piece, so that you have about equal-length short discussions of the half dozen points in your section and so an overview.

All of this discussed in greater detail in my advice, Reading Industry 4.0

“From Topic to Questions”

As we discussed in class, read Craft, Chapter 3, and choose as many of the prompts or activities I’ve outlined on my Reading Craft 3.

Learning the Outline View

To manage this complexity and set yourself up to list sections, prioritize, explore more deeply, then expand again, you’ll profit immensely by learning how to exploit the Outline View, and for that I’ve invited you to learn the 12 steps introduced in my Outlining Checklist.