For 15.4.19

Read and follow my advice on Search

  • Search for an interesting professional article on your topic, such as “current issues mid-range wine retailing” and where “current issues” is the language often used by professionals and your topic can be anything (don’t fret over this, our primary interest is in workflow)
  • Survey quickly 2-3 pages of results and choose one article that sticks out: a) that appears to be of interest to you, b) that is indeed current, written by professionals, and about issues.
  • Read it as we learned to read in Craft: look for keywords and sections, 2-3 things that stick out for you (and not everything like you were supposed to do in school), and write 1-3 sentences on why this might be interesting and why it might be interesting to you
  • In your Portfolio for this week, enter what you’ve learned using the report structure we discussed in class

Saving, managing, and sharing your Portfolio

  • If you use the same template each week, then they will combine easily at the end
  • Save each week’s entry as “YourFirstName, date” exactly so you learn to pay attention to file names, so your folder and our shared folder have good order
  • COPY this file into our folder for next week, “For 8.4.19” by next Saturday evening
  • On Sunday, take a moment to compare your work to that shared by others (“I’m OK!”, “Gosh, why didn’t I do it that way?”)
  • I will print them all out Monday morning so you can post them on the wall and review everyone else’s work in class


  • If you haven’t already, be sure to read my Outlining to Think, because then you’ll become convinced of why this powerful way (tree structures) is what makes the Outline View so powerful
  • Return to my Outlining Checklist and review all of the functions, and especially, learn how to memorize the keyboard shortcuts to use them, because when your use of this powerful method is automatic, as it will be when you use shortcuts, you will gladly use it easily: if you are limited to the use of the mouse, or using only a few of these features, you’ll quickly find the method costly and abandon it: the price of admission is a bit high, but the show is well worth being a part of!