For 7.5.17

Hi Everybody!

The HWR has reserved for our next meeting room B1.30 next Monday, 2-4pm, so we will meet then instead of on Wednesday. Thanks VERY MUCH for accommodating me!!!

I’ve also written up my notes from our last class to help you in a revised version of my Search page: please check it out, you’ll recognize the conversations I had at each of your tables last week. I would recommend that we follow a similar procedure for Monday: that you bring your laptops and plan to get some work done and that I consult with one student at each table in turn.

Next Steps: As you identify your interests and possible topics among those discussed by relevant professionals, I’ll help you identify how to develop a Literature Review and work with Arguments — but first, please master the advice you’ll find on my Search and Outlining pages: you’ll need to develop scope and an adequate information management system (ha! a fancy word for decent notes and note-taking practices) to manage complexity and identify and evaluate positions, arguments, issues, and the relevant concepts: from there, whatever case study of interviews you might make will be comparatively easy!

But this does require some serious study now, and time is running fast. I’ll be eager to read some of your homework Sunday afternoon, but with luck I’ll have some time before class on Monday, too. Do your best, ok?

Until soon,

Bruce Spear