For 18.12.17

The 3rd, conceptual part of your research question

This is not easy, but you’ll get there!

  • You are looking for a change of mental model or concept as we illustrated today with the example from the 12 Trends that are Shaping the Future of Logistics and finding in the first, “Growth Patterns” development, Growth in the logistics industry is no longer driven by exports from Asia to North America and from Asia to Europe. It will come from elsewhere, and will be more fragmented, more unpredictable and more volatile. Economic and population growth will be increasingly centred in cities. Infrastructure is becoming a major determinant for growth. that we are being advised to transform our idea from one of “Asia outwards” to another, different concept of “fragmented, unpredictable and more volatile … cities … infrastructure”, which I have represented as a triangle with three widely spaced poles standing for all sorts of regional developments where profits are to be found
  • You are looking for some factor, principle, or method that is larger than your particular firm, case study, and general topic: some new way of looking at things that relevant professionals are talking about

Your audience likely includes relevant professionals, the people you want to hire you

  • You don’t want to say simply and in the most general, uninformed way, “that digitalization is not just impacting some specific branches of our society but all of them,” to the people who have offered the heavily researched, very smart 12 Trends that are Shaping the Future of Logistics
  • You want to survey and report accurately what such professionals have to say, and if you are very lucky you will see something they haven’t seen, which means finding and studying them

They are likely not working in our specific field, but in something larger

As we read in Craft 3.3.1 and 3.3.2, you are likely looking for some larger scale historical or developmental process, something larger than any particular firm or region or instance, which presses in on your topic

  • If you are studying of the marketing of French/German wine trade, you are likely dealing with larger forces, such as shifts in marketing from print to social media happening worldwide and markets, and so marketing principles being discussed and implemented worldwide, too
  • If you are studying management accounting in a specific industry, you might step back to study management trends in a number of related fields, some knew ways of addressing issues, before zeroing in to your specific instance
  • Conversely, If you are studying something big like the supply change in e-commerce, you might want to narrow down to the innovations at Amazon.

Once you find some good texts, you’ll need to read them

  • As we have discussed and demonstrated, that likely means surveying a relevant section or sections, listing a bunch of topics, then selecting one or two to read closely
  • When reading closely, look for what they are actually saying, look closely at the words they are using and refer to these expressions when you report on them


Really, learn how to use the outline view

  • Revise your “body text” to headings 1-6 and elevate sub-heads, as you see here and maybe better here

Post Something Useful

  • Share on Dropbox something that we might look at to suggest room for improvement, the deadline will help you focus your attention, and the sharing will form the basis for a conversation