For 6.11.17

Using the # Template you used for this week and following the advice of today, revise what you have done as well as complete any parts you have not done.

Your Research Question

The conceptualdimension of your research question is the issue for this week: revise your research question after your have …

  • Outline Chapter 3 of The Craft of Research, “From Topics to Questions,” until you really, really, really do understand it, especially the 3rd conceptual part
  • Look for and outline one or more articles that you will find by searching for “current trends your topic 2017 kpmg/ey/deloitte/pwc”


  • Study my Definitions page
  • Choose three words that you find in your chosen text and develop a user-friendly, highly-differentiated, discussion in your own words


Practice discussing your sources, your research question, and your definitions and revise them accordingly

  • DO NOT even think of submitting anything that you have not discussed with a partner
  • Prepare a brief protocol of your conversation and explain how, having discussed this with someone, you understand your problem differently

Anything else

Follow that # Template, make sure you have touched each topic, repetition makes the master!!!