For 5.12.17

Write up one page on your potential research question and submit it to our Dropbox next Wednesday so we have something to talk about in class, including:

  • A short outline or review of two articles you have found talking about the same issue and, hopefully, from different points of view
  • Include a protocol of your search terms, strategy, and results
  • Include a mind map of your problem
  • Write up a paragraph if you like, if it helps you think

The homework is not to prove your brilliance, but only to get started: do your best to identify a topic based on an issue

What to look for


Prof. Mahnkopf expects you to discuss a relevant issue in the field of Global Governance, which means reporting on how relevant professionals are discussing an issue: before you might possibly offer your own interpretation and insight you must first discuss the interpretations and insights of others


An issue is something over which reasonable people disagree. If you are unable to find a discussion, then it is likely that a) you need a better search strategy to find it or b) nobody cares: you want to find something completely interesting to you that others find interesting enough to get into arguments about


A discussion is not a simply description: a discussion will likely first take the form of “Draw Battle Lines” and “Pick a Fight,” as you find discussed on the handout “Eight Strategies for Using Sources” (Dropbox): in essence, you are looking for trouble!


Use report structures to report on what your sources say … do not tell me “what is”, and certainly do not even think of telling me “the truth” — only report on your sources.

  • Report Structures 88 (Dropbox)
  • Reporting Verbs, Adelaide (Dropbox)


  • Use the “CEEBS Term Paper Template” on Dropbox
  • Learn how to use shortcuts to navigate the Outlive View

Prepare for revision

By starting now you will have a chance to solicit feedback, explore, fail, get some good advice, try again and so work iteratively, over and over, until you come up with a term paper that you will be proud of (and get a good grade!) For instance, we saw how to transform:

  • How does a market economy emerge from a communist system: Can the emergence of market mechanisms and state politics co-exist?


  • How differently have market economies emerged from Communist systems?

And where the revised formulation would:

  • Look for concrete examples in history
  • Look for different ways different countries managed this transition
  • Look for principles (concepts, higher-level understanding) informing these transitions

In this way, anything you come up with next week will be just a starting point: with revision you will learn how to transform your ideas into something completely interesting!

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Problem: Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Counter-Measure: Shortcuts: learn how to work in Outline using shortcuts, including moving up and down (for me shift+control, arrows)