For 31.10.18

  • Arguments
  • Audience


Learn how to look for and identify research arguments in the work of others so that you may exploit such arguments yourself; first, review:

  • “Making Good Arguments: An Overview,” Chapter 7 of The Craft of Research
  • “Wolcott, Steps for Better Thinking – Task Prompts”

Then, with these arguments in front of you, examine each paragraph in the McAfee article for one or more of them.

  • “For 31.10.18 Template”


Learn how to look for and identify the different roles you, your sources, and your audience are playing when you conduct research and report on it; first, review:

  • “Connecting With Your Reader,” Chapter 2 of The Craft of Research

Then, following the homework template,

  • Identify your audiences past, present, and future
  • Practice being a good audience for your classmates
  • Practice at least one “talk/write”
  • Identify and discuss briefly your best and worst audiences, including when you were taken seriously and when you were not
  • Using Report Structures, write up a brief report on what your classmate explained she is researching and where you report on the 3-4 different dimensions of her interests, motivations, resources, what she hopes to find, and what she plans to do next