For 25.10.18

What makes the McAfee article research?

This exercise is designed to help you identify research elements, see them in a sequences, and evaluate them briefly so that you might apply your learning to your own work.

  • To know better what you are looking for, review Craft Chapter 7, “Assembling a Research Argument”
  • Using the “For 25.10.18 Template” I’ve put on our Dropbox

Discuss briefly the following five elements as you find them in the McAfee article

  1. Claims
  2. Reasons
  3. Evidence
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Warrants

Outline the article so you see these and other elements in order and context

Your topics

You gotta start somewhere, you’ll need many iterations before you figure things out: waiting any longer will hinder the exploration, feedback, reflection, revision, thickening, etc., upon which good research depends.

  • In pairs, search for an interesting article in your chosen field of interest using the basic formulation: “current issues china trade tariffs 2017 pwc” or McKinsey, Deloitte, HBR, Economist, EY
  • Discuss the article and explore your interest, just to get started: after discussion and reflection you will want to reformulate your interest (many times before the end of the semester)

Mastering the Outline View

You definitely want to work your way through more of the articles on outlining, you’ll need all of it!