For 17.10.17

Your Research Question

We have to start somewhere. If you were to start your term paper today, what is your research question?

  • Outline (for you) Chapter 3 of The Craft of Research, “From Topics to Questions”
  • Your Research Question is … (in one sentence)

Mind Map your interests

  • Paper Version: improve on your mind map’s legibility by using whiter paper, a thicker darker marker, using fewer words and bigger ones, and/or using better/brighter lighting conditions
  • Mindmap Application Version: Resize to full page landscape (long ways), make more readable
  • Content: max seven topics, a handful of sub-topics under each: you might want to combine, break apart, and/or re-arrange to bring out the logic
  • Describe how you improved your technical problem
  • Describe how you improved your creative thinking problem (I did it three times at three different periods … or, I worked with a partner and she helped me some something different … or, whatever works for you

Outline a professional article

  • Follow my Search advice to find an article surveying your field by the big boys and girls (KPMG, PWC, etc.)
  • Outline the article at least in part and where you are looking for the sub-heads to the end of developing an overview
  • Your outline will look like this


  • Look for terms you find in your article, terms your target professionals are using
  • Look them up using dictionaries, encyclopedias, any other sources, such as I begin to outline on my Definition page
  • Write them up in your own words, explain the basic and special meanings, and discuss why this term is important
  • If you quote, use quotation marks, but only to support your explanation

Real World Example

  • Find a completely interesting case study or story about what your chosen article is about, or a source in that article, and tell a story about it
  • Assume I am a professional who has read a lot about it: explain what is important (and don’t explain the whole thing
  • Talk/write: first explain it to someone, and then write it down


  • Outlining is your first guide, look up “ms word YourVersion support shortcuts outline” and learn how to use
  • Copy and use the “# Template” file now on Dropbox for all of your work