For 11.10.17

Research Question Framework

Build a four part research question framework, including:

What interests you

  • List a bunch of interests, anything, from what you think you should be interested in to what you love to do in your spare time (aka “fun”)
  • Organize and extend this list as a Mindmap (pen and paper) where you group like things, follow different threads in different directions
  • Using Google Photo Scan, digitize your mind map and add it to your homework/portfolio

What interests other people

  • Find some completely interesting articles in your field or near your field or just completely interesting
  • Search for “current trends yourtopic 2017 kpmg/pwc/deloitte/hbr/wharton”

Concepts, Methods, Theories

  • High-level generalizations, principles, things that might apply to other things, places, times, like: “risk,” “depreciation”, “beauty”
  • Look it up, for example, using Definitions

Practical Example

  • Find a completely interesting case study or story about a relevant business, something completely particular, unique, and interesting!
  • Maybe start with the popular press, work your way into professional literatures, add “case study” to your search or “pdf”

Technology this week