Final Assignment

Compare and contrast 2 very different ways of understanding how one learns HTML

This final assignment will help demonstrate your abilities to learn code and make comparisons by examining two very different ways of learning HTML, those of design and programming

Read Duckett, HTML and CSS (30 min)

  • Read chapter 1, Structure, until you understand its overall shape
  • List 7 key concepts you might examine more closely

Read W3Schools HTML 5 (30 min)

  • Start at the beginning and, read as far as you can in 30 minutes and where you list elements that are similar and different than Duckett


  • Reconcile your two lists and identify 5-7 things that you might discuss to explain the differences between these two approached
  • For each comparison, make screenshots, resize to 300 pixels, and in your document set the images to the left with wrap-around text and write 3-5 sentences for each explaining what we see, what is going on, and why this might be important


  • Save your .doc file in our Dropbox/Final Assignment folder