For 8.7.19

  • Final Portfolio
  • Homework
  • Exam

Final Portfolio

By next Sunday evening, share on your Dropbox/FinalPortfolio folder a .doc file with all of your homework

  • Arranged in chronological order
    • Dates in Heading 1, sub-heads in Heading 2
    • TOC with dates and sub-heads

I will print this out before class, and in class we will assemble it before the exam


Continue working on learning SQL and enter this as your final homework, “For 8.8.15”

  • List the things you’ve learned
  • Detail one of the items
  • Discuss how much you’ve learned in your six hours of homework
  • Discuss how many more hours you think it would take to master SQL


The exam will be as today: you will have four hours to study a programming language, which I will announce when you arrive

  • Arrive promptly at 8:00am
  • Bring your laptops with working WLAN
  • I will assign a new language
  • Your task will be to explore resources, map a study plan, and begin learning this language
  • At 12 noon, you will share your .doc file into the Dropbox/Exam folder

Evaluation will be on your demonstrating how you approach learning a programming language, including points for:

  1. Overview of resources, including brief comparative analysis
  2. Identification of major concepts
  3. Demonstration of exercises done