For 10.6.19

Two topics

  • SQL
  • e-commerce

Two approaches

  • evaluation rubric
  • diving deep

As before: Aim High!

Consulting my Mega-Evaluation Rubric, identify some interesting category and goal to aim for right away, do things to address it, and at the end of the week review your progress

  • Be specific, concrete: explain what you’ve done
  • Always look ahead: Identify what you might do the following week

I. Learn some SQL

First, this week, develop an overview: Spend 20 minutes each on the following three approaches, compare them for intellectual styles, and identify your preference (and what not, so that you can learn that, too)

II. Three ways of learning about e-commerce

This week, develop a comparative perspective: read briefly the following three kinds of sources and then compare them: identify what you might learn from each, create a mindmap to express this, and add a fourth dimension of your choosing

Method: Dive Deep

Look for examples of those who have gotten deeply into their topic, figure out what that involves and what makes them tick, with one of your topics next week dive as deep

  • Reading Twice. You might follow Daniel and read and outline twice the assigned article on e-commerce to better distinguish what the author says from your interpretation, first mapping the article’s steps in order and then mapping by topic
  • Research Questions For a next step, you might follow Nana’s study of Craft Chapters 3-4 and apply it to outline, organize, and figure out what might be important to know about e-commerce
  • Reading Code When learning an application or code, you might explore and explain as Oriana has done, to really understand, and show you understand, how the thing ticks