For 20.5.19

Wonderful Writing

Build on your nice little paragraph following Wonderful Writing and “Scratching” by reflecting on how your writing has changed as you complete the exercises below.

  • We are looking for change, development, progress (and hope!)

Looking for signs of intelligent life

It’s VERY nice that you find something to admire in what others have done! The next step is to

  1. apply what you have learned
  2. document this application
  3. and reflect on how your learning from others has changed

Read last week’s assignment again and see now how concrete is the instructional goal and expectation

  • Find something interesting in what a classmate has done, ask them about it, and apply it (directly or indirectly) to your homework in the next week and write up a short paragraph about it.
  • Read and apply something from my advice on Team Work and write up a short paragraph about some other what happened: the idea, the social dimension, and how you felt about it

MS Word Headings: Pair Work

In pairs, copy the 12 step checklist on my Outlining Checklist page, check your work, test your shortcuts, and in a table (learn how to create a table) put a check “✓“ for each of you for each completed item

Your PC Notebook

Create/revise your PC notebook for YOUR use, make it legible like the best technical writing, including:

  • Underlined title
  • Bold sections
  • Symbols ⌃ ⌥ ⌘ ⇧ ✓☐→←↑↓⇒☞⇥⌤⌫↩︎f

Document your achievement with an annotated screen shot, as discussed on my Images page and write a short reflection on your learning, include at least one difficulty and how you overcame it


In pairs, do every single exercise in Chapter 2 of Excel and keep track of every single question you’ve asked and how you figured out an answer. Document 3 of these questions with annotated screenshots

Deepen your understanding of Formative Evaluation

  • Review my Evaluation page
  • Review our Checklist (on Dropbox)