For 6.5.19

  • Outlining and Images in MS Word
  • Reading e-commerce
  • Outlining and reading Head First Excel

Outlining and Images in MS Word

Outlining Checklist. Learn all 12 procedures at the top.

  • Work with a partner
  • Look up “ms word outline view shortcuts” in your language, save this link on your browser start page, and learn how to use this resource
  • List what you’ve learned and how it went, what problems you encountered, how you addressed them, and include some of your wonderful discoveries (aim for “a-ha!” Experiences

Images. Learn how to make, annotate, resize, and place images into your portfolio (6cm, wrap text)

  • Reading e-commerce
  • Outlining and reading Head First Excel

Reading e-Commerce

This week, when you read Industry 4.0, follow the good example of others when surveying a section and selecting something of interest (and burying the rest under the sub-head “More”, of explaining what is going on in a way that is conversation, interesting to you and your classmates, and includes the following three dimensions


  • What are they talking about?
  • What do you find interesting?
  • What have you learned?

Social Dimensions

  • What have you learned from the work of your classmates
  • How does this translate into people terms?

What your feel about it?

  • What did your learn about yourself and your learning?
  • How did you feel about it, where was it fun and where not?

Outlining and reading Head First Excel

Read and outline thoughtfully the Introduction and First Chapter of Head First Excel (on our Dropbox)

  • Explore the ideas, social dimensions, and your feelings: write these up in a way you’d like to share with others, hope they might find interesting, and leading to exchanges and team work.
  • Identify especially how this particular text, HF Excel, is different than whatever way you learned, not that one or the other is better or worse, but different — as if there are different ways of learning
  • And do all the exercises, too!