For 12.1.18

Portfolio Submissions 26.1.18

The portfolio is for you to learn from and me to offer support and, finally, a grade. Assembling a document as technique, long-term perspective, and bring the semester to an end. Reflection is everything.

Prepare for next week (to work out bugs in assembling a large document)

  • Who else needs p/f or grade?
  • Cover Sheet
  • One .doc file
  • One Table of Contents
  • Document View
  • Catalog difficulties and how you overcame them
  • Review your progress: what are your learning difficulties and highlights? “Only reflected experience is real” Formative, what might you do better next time?
  • Review this experience of portfolio assembly: what are you experiencing, recognizing, feeling, and learning about learning (these tasks, school, your life) while assembling this portfolio?


Another tool to understand, clarify, and remember. Set Davenport into your (memorable) context.

  • 3-6 events your memorable life perspective
  • 3-6 events business
  • 3-6 events IT
  • 3 images for each in your portfolio, consistent 360pixels wide, display and label for comparison

Learning to use the tool

  • Go slow and work carefully, this is about learning and not simply about work or an assignment for school: reduce costs, maximize benefits
  • First outline in your portfolio (word), then plot using a timeline app

Toyota A3

Business Process Modeling Notation

Implementing business application systems involves analyzing business processes, and for that analysts typically develop user scenarios then map those scenarios onto business process models — abstractions based on stories that can then be broken down into discrete, coordinated sequences that computers and systems can be designed to support. Business process modeling notation is a powerful tool for representing this middle step between stories and the details of application design and implementation.