For 5.1.18

Create and explore Timelines

You do this to help you explore and communicate an overview, evolution, development

  • Short, most important information
  • look up “free online timeline maker,” sign up, use, make screenshot, explain what you learned
  • Put BizInfo/Davenport into a larger, exploratory, memorable, communicable context (develop your sense of history)
  • Include a couple of well-chosen images
  • From the past (multiple view) to the future (just imagine)
  • Example, Fordism/Taylorism to Amazon’s robots
  • Write up how, consequently, you see things differently (how it changed your life)

Revise sub-heads, reading another two pages of Davenport

  • Explore alternative sub-heads, better …
  • Look things up and find a better way of explaining these terms
  • Who is your audience? Start with you: how would you like to remember this

Charge ahead with SQL

  • Read a chapter of HF SQL or complete a chapter of Codecademy or W3C on SQL and write it up and with attention to the concepts (not just the detailed step-by-step) and addressing the question: “what have I learned?’

Reading Davepnport

  • Look up key words, especially those central to the argument, for example, “commodity”, using our 4 dictionaries
  • If “commoditization,” look up its root, “commodity.” Develop a model that explainpPs the principle and this particular instance


  • Find or create an image to illustrate something you find interesting
  • Using GenMyModel or some other app to build it, or an image you find on the web or make yourself
  • Tell a story about the image as if you were learning something (even for the first time!), as if you were leaving your older mental model and developing a new one
  • MaypPbe better, tell the story 2-3 times, and offer 2-3 versions where each time you learn how to see things differently (this takes time, not in one day,