For 22.12.17

  • SQL
  • Davenport


  • Build up speed with learning SQL, learn a couple of major concept
  • Discuss your learning in reference to an annotated screenshot, to be concrete about it
  • Discuss as YOU would want to remember: imagine, six months from now, wanting to remember how to do something, what it means
  • Documenting to learn successful professional communication

How to use an illustration

  • Choose the most interesting from many (don’t just grab the first one)
  • Choose the one that moved you (emotionally, “a-ha!”
  • Read the image out systematically (for example, top to bottom, left to right): walk through it
  • Next week we will walk through your discussion
  • When discussing, better to paraphrase than quote: quote when they say things in a special way (and explain that)
  • Discuss your draft with someone and incorporate their questions

Identify how differently others have studied SQL, maybe even work in pairs, but definitely write things up following the following logic:

  • Conversation. She found someone’s work she admired or found interested in it and studied, conversed, and otherwise wrapped her head around it
  • Reflection. She analyzed what was going on, drew lessons from it, and developed a plan for action
  • Apply. She applied it to her own work
  • Reflection She reflected on what she did and, later, on what she might do next

Clean up your outlining method and styles if you need to so it supports your study of SQL, especially as you see others in the class having used the outline / tree structure to support their thinking

Begin to Outline Davenport

The Coming Commodification of Processes, Thomas Davenport