For 15.12.17

How better to learn from others

The theory: we often learn best when we find an example that is just beyond what we can do, in what we call the zone of proximal development. We might find that extra boost and challenge in books, conversation, real-world examples … here, we will look for it in class

An example: “Alice also had a class in databases and she does the homework similar to me. But what she is more improved in finding good subtopics, which gives the text a much better structure, than I’ve done. I mentioned it last week on my TO-DO-List, so you can see it below.”

What did she do?

  • Conversation. She found someone’s work she admired or found interested in it and studied, conversed, and otherwise wrapped her head around it
  • Reflection. She analyzed what was going on, drew lessons from it, and developed a plan for action
  • Apply. She applied it to her own work
  • Reflection She reflected on what she did and, later, on what she might do next

The main assignment: more study of SQL, but differently

Just like last week, study SQL in any of the three texts, but this time as you might learn from someone else a better way.

  • Discuss what you are learning with this someone and maybe someone else
  • Take notes on your conversation, including the kinds of questions asked, advice you’ve been given, and how you’ve addressed the issue
  • Apply what you’ve learned

Portfolios and Posts

Just like last time, start off by writing up your learning in your MS Word Outline View for your portfolio, then practice posting it to your personal website

  • Your MS Word is your main platform, do everything first right here and as before
  • Then, prepare to share your work by learning how to prepare a blog post

How to learn about blogging using WordPress

  • Study WordPress Support, including everything in “Start” and “Create”
  • Create your own website
  • Apply what you are learning from WordPress Support so you understand how to administer your website
  • Post by copying from your MS Word Outline View into the WordPress “Text” post window: the Headings will be converted into legal HTML
  • Include a screenshot of your post in your portfolio

Do one of the three things for your health

  • choice is yours
  • document this in an interesting way
  • maybe look up the business costs and remedies
  • In your portfolio, report on what you did and why and how

Bonus Points

  • Install MAMP/LAMP on your laptop
  • Install WordPress on your laptop
  • Practice SQL using phpmyadmin