For 8.12.17

Learning SQL

Add dimension, change approaches, and build some speed to your study of SQL

  • Add Dimension by reading a different kind of SQL text and where you choose among the three texts (or others you might find) .
  • Change Approaches by leaving the detailed discussion of code to study and write up higher-level observations, for example, comparing SQL to Excel, examining such structural features as table columns and tables, anything else that amazes you and maybe goes to the heart about this remarkable and important technology
  • Build Speed by reading more extensively, maybe 2-4 chapters more quickly, and stopping when you find something interesting

Learn how to change your mind and write that up!

  • Following Isabelle’s excellent example of looking closely and asking questions, look for interesting things that challenge your assumptions and lead you to suffer transformative learning, whereby you change your mental models

Do something differently for good health

  • Watch Your Mobile Phone is Dirtier Than You Think, become completely disgusted with your filthy phone and habits, make a photo of your 1) phone, 2) a bottle of window cleaner, and 3) a cleaning cloth, and for five days develop a habit of washing your phone once a day and keep a record of it
  • Watch enough of From One Second to the Next to become completely horrified of how dangerous our use of such things is and make a dozen photographs with your phone of people using phones and where you step back far enough to show the safety or dangers of their using these dangerous things
  • Read just enough of Too much sitting — A health hazard to be convinced you ought to do something differently, do it, and make before and after photos illustrating what you’ve learned and done.