For 1.12.17

Report on Signs of Intelligent Life

Report on something interesting you’ve found in the work of a classmate, apply it to your studies this week, and report on your learning.

  • Zone of Proximal Development, the method we discussed where you look for something you can do that is 1cm beyond where you happen to be and where someone else offers that little bit of insight and encouragement in the manner of a catalyst that brings you further along than you might have done by yourself
  • Hollis Frampton: Zorn’s Lemma (1970), the film I referred to where the film maker systematically replaced letters with images as if exchanging one side of the brain with another — illustrating in an artistic way how differently we might see a thing

In pairs, learn SQL

Our next project is to learn some code, and we are looking at SQL because Structured Query Language is the language used to create database, get date in and get data out, and databases are the foundation, and power, of modern business applications and many business information systems.

As we have discussed, we are integrating team work and portfolios into the learning of technology so that we develop our team and communication skills; here, working in pairs, one of you studies HF SQL, which is offers a problem-solving approach with lots of explanation, like our HF Data Analysis, while the other learns SQL through Codecademy, which many programmers like as it offers a direct, hands-on approach to the language as you would program it.

Spend a couple of hours working with your chosen resource, as you discover interesting things make a screenshot, and when you have about 15 minutes left for this week’s homework select one or more screenshots, annotate them, and write up a story of what you learned, how, and what you think about it.

In class next week I’ll invite you to explain your learning to your partner and discuss the differences in learning and approaches.