For 24.11.17


In class, Nouha’s answers to my questions about her homework (“what is a questionnaire?) were convincing: they had the “ring of truth”, which everybody recognized and so we believe she had studied, learned, and so moved her 1cm forward in this important lesson

Reading HFDA

Your mission is to prepare to do the same in this week’s study of 7 — SEVEN — topics from the Head First Data Analysis (any chapter, choose what strikes you) and please exercise a little of each of the following:

  • Looking up Definitions is a good start, maybe necessary but not sufficient
  • Finding a personal or professional example, preferably more than one, so you compare to what you know and enjoy the “donkey’s bridge” as well as another way to understand, remember, and make yourself understood
  • Discuss with a classmate, so that you get to remember what you discussed and how, practice asking and answering, comparing, etc., and that you get to remember not just ideas, but also these discussions
  • Use Active Verbs (Dropbox), and so not simply “appreciate,” but choosing appropriate descriptive, analytical, evaluative, etc., tools
  • Use Reporting Verbs, because they help you set yourself up to distinguish the difference between what the author says and what you might think about it
  • Use Annotate Screenshots to explore the text, document your topic, and learn how better to make yourself understood
  • Reflect on your learning, where you learn not simply how to assert, but to review what you’ve done, outline and summarize, and reflect on a higher level
  • Plan your next steps, where along the way you identify things you might want to know or do next and so build continuity, commitment, and a checklist so that next week you build on what you’ve done