For 10.11.17

Learning from classmates

The issue here is developing skills of observation, communication and working in teams — essential for developing BizInfoSystems that work!

  • Identify 1 thing a classmate has done that interests you and explain why
  • Best is to respond by changing what you do, even if it is one small thing

HF Data Analysis

The issue here is learning how to read about a new subject carefully and where you find your point of entry

  • For this week, look for one or more “a-ha!” experiences, moments when you discover something you did not know before, and especially, something that unlocks the door
  • Write up your findings in the manner of a story
  • If you can, include (as we saw this week) a “before and after” statement, where you observe how you understood things one way, but suddenly realized things might be different.


The issue here is learning how to examine a business process (your own) and how to model and change it in preparation for Business Process Modeling (BPM)(which is how we understand, develop, and use of business information systems).

  • Change one small aspect of your workflow as we have heard others describe on 3.11.17
  • Describe your change in terms of before and after and so how things appeared differently
  • If you have not already, please read about Duhigg’s cookie habit

Modeling your workflow

The issue here is learning how to use BPMN, the notational systems business designers use to think through business processes before the build technologies to support them

  • Based on the GTD model (and you might want to read up on the theory), describe how you would empty your email box: where you would put each thing

Special Tip: for GTD fanatics, the goal is “in box zero,” as written up on 43folders

  • To do this, on paper with pencil sketch your system, including the logic points and the files and folders and apps on your system that are involved: keep this simple, we are just starting out!!!
  • Then study Business Process Modeling Notation and revise your first sketch using the symbols that are standard in the field : keep this simple, we are just starting out!!!
  • For an extra bonus point, rebuild a third sketch using Visio or another app you might have on your PC or an online BPMN modeling application, such as GenMyModel : keep this simple, we are just starting out!!!
  • To look ahead, watch the US Food Service video describing a CRM application and how it supports a food service business