For 20.10.17


What are the three things you learned from others this week? What does this learning remind you of? How do you learn best?

  • Practice looking at the work of others to discover how differently they have interpreted the exercises, how differently they see things and what you might learn from the both for this course and to develop your team skills as we discussed
  • Write up some simple observations to start: as we go along, as I showed you, you will find more to observe, share, and learn, so this is a simple — one line will do for now — start


  • Learn the Outline features we are discussing in class, which I’ve outlined on my newly edited Outlining Checklist, and read down to see what we’ll be learning about MS Word next
  • Make sure to create notes for each procedure and shortcut you learn in your Notes (OS X) or any Windows notebook so you can look things up as you learn them

7-11 Japan

  • Scan the article again to grasp its overall shape and set this initial scan in a proper outline
  • Identify one issue and run with it: ask lots of questions, look things up, explore the issue as if your career as a business student depended on it: as if you have begun to find your path
  • Write notes, NOT a final paper: we are looking for the foundation and not making a finished presentation … there are about 30 steps between now and a final presentation as we will discuss
  • Talk/write your issue with anybody who might listen and write up what happened, what you learned, and what you might do next: create here a working notebook of your thoughts and reflections — even if it is just one page, learn how to use this notebook in outline form as a powerful too for thinking and where you are slowing down to explore thinking

Good luck!!!