For 22.6.17

Clean up your act

More signal, less noise: your life is complicated enough that you want to see what you need and not see what you don’t need

  • Application Launcher: learn how to start applications using Spotlight (MAC) or SearchI (WIN): next, remove all now unnecessary icons from your task bar (so only your open apps appear there)
  • Create a start page using Notes (MAC) or Evernote/Word (WIN), save as PDF, set browser to open that pdf; next, remove all unnecessary browser buttons

Research Outlining

Outline your articles with attention to definitions, keywords, high-level generalizations

  • Circle the important terms, or passages that want important terms
  • Look up definitions and explanations
  • Assign keywords, short explanations to Headings 2 and 3 (with discussion in Heading 4)

Modeling your workflow

Based on your needs assessment using the Toyota A3 model, optimize your workflow


  • Workflow Modeling in various stages
  • Discussion of implementation featuring testing, improvements