For 25.5.17


  • Class starts 8:15
  • Homework best by Wednesday afternoon so you can plan for it better and so I can read it before class
  • Filenames (not “11.05.2017 Céline revised”), but “Céline, 23.5”
  • Headers on every page, flush right, built on page number format: ““Céline, 23.5 – #”
  • Formatting consistent with “SS2017 Word Template” (on Dropbox)
  • If Heading 6 for text, then change to flush left
  • TOC every week


  • Research “best free password managers” and install
  • Create a new password that “how good is my password” says will require 100,000 years to crack
  • Make a screenshot showing the password check results
  • Using this screenshot as an illustration, explain what you did


Compare and contrast 3 different ways of learning HTML

Prepare and publish a short test blog post

  • Outline another article connected to the first, extend your understanding
  • Search and select images (save in a special file, rename in a meaningful/searchable way) to support your understanding and better help you explain your argument through illustration
  • Look for and list keywords you find our make up on your own, maybe go back to your notes, revise by creating keywords then revising sentences as you think about it and make connections
  • Before writing up your post, practice by explaining it to someone else and observing how your thought develops in the telling: write up your explanation as you explained it: it can help to have an audience
  • Write up a short discussion of how your authoring process is changing

Post Design

  • Kathy Sierra, Selection, to see how she uses cartoons (HEAD HTML) to make her point
  • White Space, Placement, to learn how to see/design images and text on a page

Apply: Show, annotate, explain

  • Not just claim, but show, annotate, and explain
  • Use Jing! or equivalent: learn how by looking up “using OS X preview annotate” or your WIN version (what is that?)
  • Demonstrate with two images, at 240 and 480 pixels, using lorem ipsum, and where the 240pix image begins the first paragraph and the 480 is linked to that 240 image, like this
  • learn how to use arrows, annotations, frame, and resizing