For 4.5.17

Outline your topic

  • Outline the hot, completely interesting issues of your topic, “Current trends your field 2017 Deloitte/pwc/ey/mckinsey/wharton/kpmg …”
  • See my advice on Search


At this first step, your aim is to survey the discussion of your topic at the high-level of professional business publications and to create an initial outline of sub-heads with only minimum discussion of the topics that interest you, like this

  • Skim a bunch of articles to find those you can read, understand, and get excited about
  • Scan for the current trends, the sub-heads, and for each article in Heading 2, add the sub-heads in Heading 3; then choose the most interesting and bury the rest in “More”; do this for a number of articles
  • Read Intensively one and only one of those topics, because you need to narrow your topic, and having decided on the most interesting one you then look closely, outlining what is going on
  • Put your discussion in Heading 4, citations in 5, and the links in 6
  • Using your browser’s Reader view, then click mail, to get just the text with URL on top, save to a notebook so you have your text
  • In your outline, include breadcrumbs, your search history, how you got to where you end up this week and tell a story about it, including some limited commentary: you are not writing a report, only setting up an initial outline that will help you remember how you surveyed your topic to determine possible sub-topics, so be sure to include guideposts of what you’ve done, like this

Craft 2, Three Writing/Research Models

As we discussed in class, you will want to learn what distinguishes the three different writing models offered in chapter 2, as we discussed in class:

  • 2.2.1 Eureka! I’ve found a bunch of interesting stuff!
  • 2.2.2 I’ve solved a serious business problem
  • 2.2.3 I’ve solved a conceptual problem, too …

Note how I have revised the sub-heads they have given into terms that help me check my understanding, clarify my thought, and remember

Underneath each sub-head, at a lower level, discuss what you’ve found and how it makes sense to you, including examples

This is not about impressing me with your ability to copy and paste the text — for I’ve read it — but about you making sense of how differently we write and what is unique and very special about research, and in particular, the attention to concepts, methods, and a critical perspective

Outlining Checklist

Take some time to deepen your understanding of outlining by working through the Outlining Checklist I distributed in class: check what you’ve done, put question marks where you have them


  • Continue reading Duckett, but this time create notes that help you understand what is going on
  • Create a WordPress account by visiting Support, reading the excellent advice you will find there, setting up an account, and playing with publishing your first post, including learning how to copy and paste from Word to WordPress